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A local and international risk management consultancy service

What is risk management

It is acknowledged that businesses face risks daily and that without risk, firms would neither develop nor prosper. The role of Risk Management is to ensure that firms understand, assess and address (where possible) such risks, to maximise profit and success and to minimise the potential failure and financial loss. Risk Management also gives comfort to the key participants in a firm that it is being managed appropriately and effectively.

Identifying risk

Recognising the risks to your organisation is therefore fundamental to its success and necessary to ensure that your business and employees are properly protected. In addition to providing a detailed analysis of the risks faced by your company, LIIB's risk management consultants can work with you to minimise risk, by securing relevant and sufficient insurance. Our in-house risk management consultants specialise in identifying and insuring clients against potential risks.

Assessing your needs – insurance and risk management

Our case studies show that when visiting potential clients, our Consultancy Team often discovers that the organisation is paying for insurance that is unnecessary, irrelevant or fails to provide optimum insurance cover.

Working directly with your risk manager, our consultants will assess your business needs, your risk appetite, where your major exposures are and consider how best to mitigate and manage them. In addition, our consultants, in conjunction with our specialist brokers, will examine your current insurance provision and advise on the best insurance cover to protect your business and people.

Our risk management consultancy service also includes assistance with addressing
claims issues.

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