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Key man insurance provides the safety net you need to keep your business running.

Insuring your people

People are both a company's biggest asset and its largest investment. Yet, while premises, stock and vehicles are insured as a matter of course, many organisations fail to consider the impact of losing a key employee through illness or accident.

Our key man insurance can provide financial security for a company in the event of the death of incapacity of a key employee.

You should therefore consider which individuals, through their prolonged (or permanent) absence would cause an unexpected financial strain to your firm or even destroy your business. Such individuals could include

  • Owner
  • Directors (especially the Managing or Finance Directors)
  • Senior / key sales executives or business developers
  • Senior research and development staff

Providing a safety net, key man insurance can cover the costs incurred in keeping your business running.

Insuring your person

Increasingly, employee benefits packages are including personal accident insurance as an incentive to attract and maintain skilled staff.

Providing financial security in the case of an accident, illness or death, personal accident insurance offers peace of mind for your employees and their families when they need it most.

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