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Contingency Insurance – a niche class of business centred on the risks associated with events

Contingency insurance

Contingency business covers a wide and diverse range of specialist risks, including:

Event cancellation

  • Cancellation
  • Abandonment
  • Rainfall Insurance
  • Denial of Access

Weddings and private events

  • Cancellation
  • Property Damage
  • Public & Employers Liability

Non-appearance of key participants at your event, such as speakers and performers

  • Cancellation (caused by the death, accident or illness)
  • Loss of Profits

Prize indemnity

  • 'Hole-in-One' Insurance
  • Corporate Sponsorship

Our support

Through our London-based team, we can assist clients in identifying the appropriate products to meet their
particular needs and concerns, giving them peace of mind to enjoy their event.

For a quotation or for more information please contact our team.









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